Sunday, October 4, 2009

Run for the Cure 2009

Today was a great day. It was a day for Run for the Cure. I have never been a runner, and I always said that I hated running, yet somehow this was my 3rd year participating.

One of the reason I managed to continute participating is because this is for a great cause-breast cancer awareness and fundraising. I always felt strongly about raising money for the cure and research-not because I am a heroine, but just because breast cancer is just way too close to me. I know too many people who are affected by this desease, I simply could not feel like this was somebody else's business.

Another reason I participate is because it's not an official "run", and you can "walk" if you want to...and it's only 5K.*shrug* You start at 9am, and in most cases you are finished by 10am. You can go home and enjoy the rest of the day! Since I "hated" running, this was ideal.

Our team this year was called "Awesome Mommies"-that's the mom's group I belong to here in Victoria- and one of the members, Shelley suggested we form a team and run!

We had 15 members in the team. We did great with fundraising-we raised over $3800!! However, we NEVER met as a team to practice the run. You know, we are pretty awesome mommies, but we are also busy mommies...and we never had a chance to meet once.

So we were to practice the run "on our own" whenever we had time....well, I didn't practice AT ALL. Yup. Nada. I know I'm repeating myself but I hated running. And the wearher was kinda yucky. And my son was cranky. Yup. All kinds of excuses.

The day before the run, I was getting nervous and tried to go for a run with my mommy friend Kate. We texted back and forth-her son was napping, and then my son was napping, and she had errands to run and I had to go to the mall. There, our time was gone like that. Kate's fine, as she does Bootcamp. She's fit. But not me. I was starting to get uneasy.

In addition, my husband I went to a party that night. *gasp* It was a friend's 40th birthday and we could not miss that. I was the DD so I didn't drink, but still, by the time we got home it was 11pm and I was exhausted.

So, since I was so not at all prepared to run, I could have easily settled for walking. In fact, many moms in the team were going to walk. But something inside me was telling me that I should "try" running. At least try it....

As some of you know, I'm an avid tweeter, and I met tons of awesome people there. Recently I met(well, online) lots of great moms from Yummy Mummy Club. Most of them are in Ontario, but we chat almost every day-I'm starting to feel like I really know these moms. There are several runners in YMC-I enjoyed reading Candace's blog about how she did in the 15K run, and I always admired Kelli's "I'm off for a run!" Tweets. I was wishing I was a runner just like them...hahaha.

Just few days ago, I discovered Jill's blog and read her profile and it just hit me. (Her profile is on the right hand side) I always thought I hated running, I really know I hate it for sure?
Have I really given running a chance? I really liked the last sentence in her profile-"Instead of running away, I run." I got to confess, you inspired me to do this Jill.

I know several avid runners(like Tori-You have to read her post here on why she is running the Royal Victoria Marathon) and I know this is ONLY brother in law and his wife are triathlete for god's sake. For them what I'm doing is a baby walk I'm sure. But it was important for me I run.

So I did. I ran with Shelley. Wasn't sure if I could talk and run at the same time, but we managed. Last two times on the course, it felt like forever to see the "2K" sign. Today, before I know it, we were at 3K sign. There is a very gentle slope on the way back, and to me it always felt like "heartbreak hill"-but today it was okay.
And just like that, Shelley and I finished. We were slow runners-no doubt about that-but we didn't stop once.

I was amazed at myself and felt so inspired! That is an amazing feeling.

I wan to thank all the runners who inspired me-Kelli, Jill, Candace, Tori, and Shelley. I think I will start running again. Not running away, I run. :)