Monday, November 23, 2009

Just so you know..

It's been so long since I've posted on this blog. I'm sure many of you can relate, but I'm having hard time finding the time to blog. Holidays are fast approaching and work keeps piling up. Sadly, blogging is not so high on my never-ending To-Do List.

But that doesn't mean I don't want to blog. I attended WordCamp on November 14th.(It just took me about 10 minutes to find exactly WHEN the WordCamp was-wasn't written on my calendar right next to my desk-WTH? Had to look it up online-how lame am I?)

WordCamp is a camp about WordPress...until I heard of this event, I didn't really know what WordPress was...I was happily using this blogger blog. But apparently WordPress is the way to go.
I was quite intimidated by the idea of going to the camp. I'm not a developer nor do I need to use WordPress for my business. I was just curious. I tweeted about it and found there were few beginners attending the camp as well and that ultimately made my decision.
You know the saying "Do one thing everyday that scares you"? This was my one thing, that day.
So off I went to University Canada West on the bitterly cold day.

All the guest speakers were great and I learned so much. Tris Hussey's talk was particularly useful. His talk was titled "Extra Tools Every Blogger Should Have"-he noted tons of tools such as RSS readers and image editing tools that I had never even heard of.
As an always time-crunched person(I have about max 10 minutes on my computer before my toddler comes to grab the keyboard), not having to do all the research was great-he just said "These are the best ones-pick any" His talk is summarized here if you are interested. To be perfectly honest I didn't know who he was(sorry!)-this was the first time I heard his name-shows how much a beginner blogger I am-but I REALLY enjoyed his talk! Thank you Tris.

Another talk I enjoyed was by Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega AKA @hummingbird604 on Twitter. Him, I follow on Twitter and exchanged conversations here and there. I was looking forward to seeing him as I could tell he has such a colorful personality. And of course he did not disappoint.
Someone on Twitter mentioned that his talk was not suitable for young audiences-I say! It was a time full of laughter.

I also learned about domain name registration by Paul Holmes at DotCanuck.
So the day after the camp I went straight to DotCanuck website and did a search for my domain....I have kind of an unusual name so luckily my name wasn't taken.
So yes, now I am the proud(?) owner of!

I still need to set up my WordPress and very kind Paul had given me his staff Peter's contact info so that he can help me.
Yes I have emailed him, and Peter had called me, but I haven't got a time to call him back! Craziness. So please wait few more days(ahem, maybe weeks) before my new blog is ready. Meanwhile I will continue to mumble here at blogger.

Happy Blogging!